Sweet Home Community Foundation

The Sweet Home Community Foundation (SHCF) is a

501 (c) 3 organization that serves our local community. 

The Sweet Home Community Foundation (SHCF) has some amazing partners that help us reach our mission.

SHCF was originally formed under the Sweet Home Economic Development Group (SHEDG) as a non-profit that could give back to the community. Over the years SHEDG, through funds raised by the Oregon Jamboree, has donated money to us to give back to the community as grants for other local non-profits that provide service and/or projects in our community.  As Jamboree expenses have increased over the years and profit has decreased, the Oregon Jamboree has worked to find other ways to partner with us. Over the last three years they have coordinated an Artist Meet & Greet event and donated the money earned from that event to Sweet Home Community Foundation. In 2014 they included a live auction as part of the event and in 2015 they allowed our Board members to sell prize tickets at their Thursday Kick Off Party.  The Oregon Jamboree has also coordinated a grant for the last three year for $5,000 each year!  $5,000 Grants from the Safeway Foundation (2013, 2015 & 2016) and Wells Fargo (2014) are much appreciated! 

Thank you also to all of our community donors that donate through our annual Fall Campaign and/or through monthly payroll donation as well as donors that look forward to attending our annual Meet & Greet events and having a great time supporting SHCF through the live auction!